‘Peace Parks Across Canada’
To Commemorate 15th Anniversary

Fifteen Years ago as Canada celebrated its 125th Birthday, some 400 cities and towns across Canada dedicated a Park to Peace – with most parks dedicated at Noon local time, October 8th, as the National Peacekeeping Monument was being unveiled in Ottawa.

“Peace Parks Across Canada” was conceived and organized by the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) in collaboration with “CANADA 125” and the National Capital Commission. Supporters included the Federation of Canadian Mayors and Municipalities, Canada Parks and Recreation Association, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, HeritageCanada, World Wildlife

Fund Canada, Friends of the Earth, Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, and local Rotary Clubs all across Canada.

Project sponsors included VIA Rail, Greyhound Lines Canada, Ltd., CP Hotels and Resorts, Ramada International Hotels and Resorts, Four Seasons Ltd., Meridien Hotels, Concept 3 Advertising and Programmed Communications, Ltd.

As this is now the 15th anniversary of “Peace Parks Across Canada,” and as Canada continues to be a beacon of Peace, Tolerance, and Understanding in a world of increasing violence and distrust, and a nation that celebrates diversity, we are seeking to re-establish communication with each of the 400 cities and towns that dedicated a Park to Peace in 1992 with a view to coordinating a nation-wide re-dedication.

As Monday, October 8th is Thanksgiving, dedications will be held at noon local time, Tuesday, October 9th, 2007 – one day after the precise 15th Anniversary of the original dedications.

Each of the original Peace Parks incorporated a ‘Bosco Sacro’ (Peace Grove) of 12 trees as a symbolic link with one another, and with nature - and as a symbol of hope for the future. The 12 trees were also symbolic of Canada’s 10 Provinces and two Territories. As there are now three Territories, we are suggesting that a 13th tree be planted as part of the “Re-dedication Ceremony.”

For a complete list oon the 400 cities and towns that dedicated a park to peace please click here. More information on the original project is available here.

A limited number of CD's of the original promotional video (11 minutes) are also available in both French and English. Persons interested in receiving a CD may write to us at the same email address: peaceparks@iipt.org.

Cities and towns that did not dedicate a park to peace in 1992 are invited to join us in dedicating a peace park on this 15th anniversary occasion.

“Peace Parks Across Canada” has served as the foundation for an “IIPT Global Peace Parks Program” launched on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, 2000 – the first year of the new Millennium - from Bethany Beyond the Jordan, site of Christ’s baptism.

Our goal is 2,010 Peace Parks circling the earth by 2010 commemorating the final year of the U.N. Decade of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World. For more information please write to: peaceparks@iipt.org.

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