IIPT Award Winner Jamie Andrew
Sets New Challenge: Titanium Man Event

Stowe Vermont (3 August 2007) Quadruple Amputee Super Athlete and Mountain Climber Jamie Andrew will set out tomorrow morning, August 4th at 06:00 AM for the biggest challenge of his lifetime – his self named: “Titanium Man” Event.

Jamie Andrew

Jamie will set out to do an “Iron Man Triathlon” length event that includes a non-stop 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle, and 26.2 mile run. “This is one of the most grueling feats of athletic endurance, even for able-bodied athletes” says Jamie, “and for me as a quadruple amputee this looks set to be my biggest challenge yet!”

IIPT Founder and President Louis D’Amore stated, “IIPT is proud to support Jamie in this, the greatest challenge he has set for himself to date. As with other significant challenges Jamie has undertaken – it is being done for a most worthy cause – to raise funds that will provide prosthetic limbs to men women and children in deprived parts of the world who lose arms and legs each year due to war, landmines, disease and poverty. “

Why the name “Titanium Man Event?” Jamie explains: “Iron Man is a registered trade mark, so instead this is Titanium Man, named after the high performance metal of which my prosthetic leg components are made. This looks set to be my biggest challenge yet. In order to complete my Titanium Man Challenge, I need your help! I need your sponsorship!”
More details are available at www.titaniumman.co.uk and www.500miles.co.uk.

To support and sponsor Jamie’s bold challenge that will contribute to improving the lives of amputees in deprived areas of the world, Please click here.

Jamie received the IIPT Achievement Award, together with other members of his climbing team at the 2nd Global Summit on Peace through Tourism held in Geneva 2002. Together with two climbers from India, two climbers from Pakistan, and two climbers from sponsoring organizations UIAA and IUCN, the team climbed several peaks in the Swiss Alps, notably the Monch (4099m).

The purpose of the IUCN/UIAA supported climb was to underline the importance of protecting mountain environments and to highlight the success of the Swiss Government in achieving UNESCO natural World Heritage status for the Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn region.

The climb also promoted the creation of trans-boundary protected areas, in particular the Siachen Glacier between India and Pakistan, the scene of the longest running military conflict in the world. This was the first time the flags of India and Pakistan had flown together on a mountain summit.

Jamie Andrew is from Edinburgh, Scotland who with close friend Jamie Fisher was one of a young generation of British alpine climbers attempting difficult climbs in the greater ranges. In February 1999 both climbers were caught in a ferocious storm near the summit of Les Droites in the Mont Blanc Range. Tragically Jamie Fisher did not survive the 5 nights the climbers were trapped and Jamie Andrew suffered severe frostbite which resulted in the amputation of both hands and both feet.

Jamie made an inspirational recovery from his injuries and within 18 months of his accident, and using custom built artificial legs and walking sticks, he climbed Ben Nevis to raise funds for charity. He has also made a return to ski-ing and ice climbing. In March this year Jamie ran the London Marathon raising funds for charity and in May he took part in an international rock climbing meet with the theme of overcoming barriers to participation.

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